How are Fitted Hats Measured?

How are Fitted Hats Measured?

Summary Measuring Fitted Hats Made Easy
Key Points - Fitted hats are sized based on head circumference
- Use a tape measure or string to measure your head
- Consult a sizing chart for your hat size
- Hat sizes can vary slightly between brands
- Consider factors like material and design when shopping
- Check out the collections for a variety of options

When it comes to purchasing a fitted hat, getting the right size is crucial for a comfortable and stylish fit. But how exactly are fitted hats measured? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about measuring fitted hats and finding the perfect size.

Understanding Fitted Hats

Fitted hats are a popular choice among sports enthusiasts, fashion-forward individuals, and those who simply appreciate a well-fitted cap. Unlike adjustable hats with straps or snaps, fitted hats are sized based on the circumference of your head. This means that finding the right size is essential to ensure a snug and comfortable fit, without the need for any adjustments.

Measuring Your Hat Size

To determine your fitted hat size, you will need a flexible tape measure or a piece of string and a ruler. Follow these steps to measure your head accurately:

  1. Start by placing the tape measure or string around your head, just above your eyebrows and ears. Make sure it sits comfortably and doesn't feel too tight or loose.
  2. Take note of the measurement in inches or centimeters.
  3. Use the measurement to find your hat size using a sizing chart or consult the brand's website for their specific size guide.

Fitted Hat Sizing Chart

Fitted hat sizes typically range from 6⅞ to 8, with each size corresponding to a specific head circumference. Here is a general sizing chart to help you find your fitted hat size:

Hat Size Head Circumference (inches)
6⅞ 21 5/8 - 21 7/8
7 22 - 22 3/8
7⅛ 22 3/8 - 22 3/4
7¼ 22 3/4 - 23 1/8
7⅜ 23 1/8 - 23 1/2
7½ 23 1/2 - 23 7/8
7⅝ 23 7/8 - 24 1/4
7¾ 24 1/4 - 24 5/8
8 24 5/8 - 25

It's important to note that hat sizes can vary slightly between brands, so it's always best to refer to the specific brand's size guide for the most accurate measurement.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Once you have determined your fitted hat size, you can start shopping for the perfect cap. Many brands offer a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, ensuring you can find a fitted hat that matches your personal taste and preferences.

When shopping for fitted hats, consider factors such as material, design, and the team or brand you want to represent. With a well-fitted hat, you can showcase your style and support for your favorite team or player with confidence.

For more options and variety when it comes to fitted hats, check out the following collections:

These collections offer a wide range of fitted hats from various MLB teams, ensuring you can find the perfect hat to represent your favorite team.

In conclusion, knowing how to measure fitted hats is essential for finding the right size and achieving a comfortable fit. By following the steps outlined in this guide and referring to a sizing chart, you can confidently shop for fitted hats and rock your favorite team's logo with style.

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