World Series Champions since 2010: A Decade of Thrilling Baseball and Iconic New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hats

World Series Champions since 2010: A Decade of Thrilling Baseball and Iconic New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hats

As passionate fans of MLB baseball and streetwear fashion, there's no better way to celebrate the past decade of World Series champions than by exploring their iconic New Era 59Fifty fitted hats and how they became synonymous with each championship team. Since 2010, we've witnessed some memorable moments, and at, we're proud to offer a wide range of team collections that feature these stylish caps.

The 2010s: A Decade of Diverse Champions

From 2010 to 2022, we've seen 10 different teams claim the title of World Series champions. Let's take a look at each of these victorious ball clubs and their stylish fitted hats.

  1. 2010: San Francisco Giants - The Giants began the decade with a bang by clinching their first World Series title since 1954. Known for their iconic black and orange color scheme, their 59Fifty fitted hat features the distinctive "SF" logo.
  2. 2011: St. Louis Cardinals - The Cardinals captured their 11th championship in franchise history by defeating the Texas Rangers in a thrilling 7-game series. Their fitted hat carries their trademark red design with the beloved "STL" insignia.
  3. 2012: San Francisco Giants (again!) - The Giants continued their even-year dominance with their second title in three years. Fans rocked their iconic 59Fifty hats, celebrating yet another triumphant season.
  4. 2013: Boston Red Sox - Boston conquered the baseball world for the third time in the 21st century in 2013. Established in 1901, the Red Sox have one of the most revered fitted hat designs, featuring a "B" in their classic red and navy blue colors.
  5. 2014: San Francisco Giants (once more!) - In a remarkable display of even-year magic, the Giants clinched their third title in five years, affirming their status as a dynasty. Fans sported their stylish fitted hats with pride.
  6. 2015: Kansas City Royals - The Royals brought home their first championship since 1985 with a spirited performance. The Royals' fitted hat features a sleek gold "KC" logo on royal blue, creating a timeless baseball look.
  7. 2016: Chicago Cubs - The lovable losers broke their 108-year championship drought in a dramatic 7-game series. The Cubs' fitted hats showcase the iconic "C" logo in their classic blue and red colors, making them a streetwear staple.
  8. 2017: Houston Astros - Houston claimed their first World Series title in franchise history. Their fitted hat design features the unique "H" logo with a star, representing the team's connection to the city's space legacy.
  9. 2018: Boston Red Sox (another one!) - Boston secured its fourth championship of the 21st century, solidifying its status as a modern-day dynasty. Their fitted hat continues to be a must-have item for fans.
  10. 2019: Washington Nationals - The Nats achieved their first-ever World Series win, proving that anything is possible in baseball. With their curly "W" logo, the Nationals' fitted hat offers a unique design to sport in any streetwear ensemble.
  11. 2020: Los Angeles Dodgers - The Dodgers captured their first title since 1988, bringing joy to the City of Angels. Their iconic "LA" logo fitted hat remains a timeless symbol of the city's sports culture.
  12. 2021: Atlanta Braves - Atlanta ended a 26-year championship drought, returning to the top of the baseball world. Their fitted hat, adorned with the noteworthy "A" logo and tomahawk, is a go-to choice for streetwear aficionados.
  13. 2022: Houston Astros (second title!) - The Astros bounced back and secured their second World Series title. This historic win further cemented their status as an elite baseball franchise.

From coast to coast, these World Series champions have demonstrated that anything can happen in the world of baseball. Don't forget to rep your favorite team with an iconic New Era 59Fifty fitted hat, whether you're a fan of the New York Yankees or the San Diego Padres. And if you ever need a gift for your favorite baseball fan, our 402fitted virtual gift card is the perfect choice for any occasion.

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