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New Era 59Fifty Chicago Cubs 1990 All-Star Game Fitted Hat

New Era 59Fifty Chicago Cubs 1990 All-Star Game Fitted Hat

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Step confidently into the merging points of history, style, and bold palettes with our New Era 59Fifty Purple Chicago Cubs 1990 All-Star Game Fitted Hat. A nod to the legends that walked the Wrigley Field, this hat stands testament to the enduring spirit of the Chicago Cubs. This eye-catching piece features:

  • A mysterious purple crown, setting a unique statement.
  • A contrasting black brim and top button, adding depth to this design.
  • A gold under visor, imparting an air of opulence and differentiation.
  • The noteworthy Cubs alternate logo from 1979-2003, painted in a quirky shade of purple against a gold circle with a vivid orange center.
  • An unforgettable side patch signifying the 1990 MLB All-Star game hosted at the iconic Wrigley Field, featuring colors of gold, black, white, and orange.
  • A tasteful flat batterman logo at the back in the monochrome shades of black, white, and a touch of gold.

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Sneaker Recommendations:

  1. Air Jordan 1 Retro High Court Purple: Drawing from the hat's deep purple tones, these stylish Jordans will create a coordinated head-to-toe look.

  2. Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Mauve: With hits of neon green contrasting against deep earth tones, these sneakers accentuate the hat's understated gold under-visor and the vibrant orange in the logo.

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Outfit Recommendation:

Strike a balance between simplicity and style with a classic black tee highlighting the hat's black brim. Amp up your style with a denim jacket in a dark wash to accentuate the hat's deep purple shade. Complete the ensemble with a pair of black fitted jeans and one of the aforementioned sneakers to add a flair to your everyday look. Check out our outfit guide for more inspiration.

Enhance your style further by understanding the psychology of color and make your outfit choices work for you.

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